Applications from Ex Devon and Cornwall Officers and staff will be accepted with a minimum of 5 years service.

On rare occasions service time of less than 5 years may be accepted, if you fall into this category and would like access please use a suitable contact page.

Please confirm details of police service, shoulder number (where applicable), length of service & stations. Failure to do so could delay the application or may result in the application being deleted.

Your application may take anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of days depending on admin availability and how many checks are required to verify your details. Please be patient.

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Membership of this site will be confined to retired police officers and police staff of Devon and Cornwall Police.

Potential members will be required to provide sufficient detail of their service history to support their application.
It is not intended to set down specific guidance on potential content although moderators will remove posts on the noticeboard that they consider offensive or potential unlawful.

The site shares personal data of the names and email addresses of listed participants with all people who have coluntarily registered and been approved as members of the site. This list may be used to contact all members on very rare occasions.

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